Digital marketing shouldn’t fight for a place in your business

Digital marketing shouldn’t fight for a place in your business

We often encounter the mindset that a traditional bricks-and-mortar business doesn’t need to have an online presence. In the digital landscape we find ourselves in today, having a basic website is no longer enough to satisfy modern customers. You need to embrace digital marketing or your business will struggle to survive.

Businesses that realise this are increasingly looking to adopt various relationship marketing methods to connect with their customers. They are asking: Why should customers be engaged and how do you keep their attention? Digital customers like travelling the road of least resistance. If you make it difficult for them to buy your products or services, potential customers might abandon the purchase and move to your competitor. For instance, if they can’t find your business online, they will immediately move on. Perhaps your business does have a website, but if it’s difficult to navigate through, they will try another with a convenient online portal to ease the buying process. It will happen so quickly that you won’t even realise you’re losing customers.

Lack of structure leads to failed campaigns

Most businesses want a digital campaign to help them gain engagement or traction on their website. But that’s not a SMART goal. You need actionable KPIs to ensure your efforts are paying off. And if they aren’t, you can do something about it immediately. Traffic that doesn’t target the right audience won’t get you valuable leads – in other words, potential customers who want to engage with your business. Decreasing the traffic might increase your total revenue.

The right agency will take a close look at your business. It will look at why it exists, what it sells, how it differentiates itself from other business, its ideal customers and their expectations. It will then use this intel to craft an effective campaign that will use the right tools (social media, inbound marketing) to broadcast it directly to that ideal customer.

“Instead of one-way interruption, web marketing is about delivering useful content at just the right moment that a buyer needs it,” says David Meerman Scott, an online marketing strategist.

Not every agency can do this in South Africa since they are dealing with a small pool of experienced digital marketers. Businesses then hire inexperienced marketers expecting results quickly at a low cost and end up being disappointed.

We will tell you the truth because we thrive on helping our customers grow. The only way to grow is to experience growing pains. Achieving success online is a complicated process. It requires a great deal of research, experience and different campaigns because you need more than one avenue to reach your customers.

We can offer your business these digital strategies:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO): This is the foundation of any digital campaign (absolutely necessary to be found online).
  • Content marketing and blogging: This aids SEO and shows customers that you are capable of demonstrating your knowledge.
  • Newsletter marketing: You can use a newsletter to directly market to your customer or to build up a rapport.
  • Social media marketing: It doesn’t matter what you sell, your customers expect you to be on social media.
  • Pay-per-click advertising: This is what springs to mind when businesses think of online marketing (probably because most people tend to use it). The reason is that it’s cost-effective and flexible.
  • Anything else we can think of: For instance, we’ve used video advertising for our client, Avis Fleet, and are rolling out a new feature called topic clusters. We have developed a self-service app and a chatbot for DStv and an interactive infographic for The Gauteng City Region.

The core League Digital team has been strategising, designing, building and marketing websites and digital marketing solutions for our clients for the last 23 years. We live and breathe all things digital. Chat to us today and let us help you get started on your digital journey.

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