Digital marketing trend watch for 2018 Part 1

Digital marketing trend watch for 2018 Part 1

Customer-centricity is the buzzword in the digital marketing industry for 2018. But more specifically, experience is increasingly becoming the biggest driver of digital transformation. Regardless of what business you find yourself in, you must start thinking about your online presence. Here are a few more digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2018.

Invest in paid social media

The social media landscape is changing for businesses and you have to change with it. The good news is that the resources are available to do so comfortably. It simply means paying for access to social media tools. Nowadays, it’s not enough to just have a voice on social media because too many people are talking. You have to promote content to make your voice heard in the crowd, but you must be smart about it. Take a strategic approach to which social media posts you want to boost.

According to Forbes, a company’s organic reach on Facebook has been dwindling for years as a result of tinkering by the network. Now it seems Facebook may finally kill this organic reach by changing the way it delivers content to ensure that users see posts from trusted sites. CEO Mark Zuckerberg says: “As a result, you’ll see less public content, including news, video and posts from brands.” Facebook has an array of seemingly endless targeting options, so you will get your money’s worth. Its targeting capabilities search for audiences that are more likely to follow your business and actively participate in buying options and advertises to them.

Social intranets

Introducing Workplace, an internal platform that allows your employees to stay in touch with the pulse of your company. It is an online platform for employees to share important work-related information, organise events, hold one-on-one discussions and share company milestones. Users can share posts on weekly updates, introduce new members to give them a warm welcome, ask questions with response options and share industry news, instructions or training videos.

Starbucks uses the platform to foster organic collaboration between its partners across the global coffee franchise. Store managers share solutions and drive innovation – they often ask questions about new equipment, maybe because another store is already using it. Moments like these shared on the platform build a sense of community. Take a look at this online platform and see if it can work in your company because you must have efficient internal collaboration and communications before you can serve your customers.

That’s not all we have to share! Read our part 2 blog to find out what other digital marketing trends you should follow in 2018.

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