Meet League Digital’s new addition to the team: Introducing our Head of growth KK Diaz

Meet League Digital’s new addition to the team: Introducing our Head of growth KK Diaz

League Digital has added to its strategic capability by bringing on KK Diaz as our new Head of Growth. For those of you that are unfamiliar with his work, KK is a customer success champion, business strategist, author and speaker. On the business strategy side, he helps companies implement innovative business strategies, business processes and systems that ensure the effective execution and achievement of business goals.

Marketers are often guilty of mixing the concept of tactics and strategy, and by that I mean we obsess over the execution side of marketing without first sitting down and working out exactly what we want to achieve because we are eager to show our clients ROI as soon as possible.

When you build your marketing around strategic tactics, you’re able to concentrate efforts on relevant elements that yield far more valuable results.

The talent acquisition of KK is strategically aligned to League Digital’s business growth and transformation plan as well as the growth of our clients. He will focus on defining and optimising League Digital’s offering as well as creating strategic value for our customers – focused on achieving specific digital objectives.

We’re glad to have him on board to share his knowledge with us and incorporate a more strategic approach to our digital offering. This means that our current and future clients can look forward to more mindful solutions catered around design, content, development, tracking etc all brought together in perfect harmony.

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