Metrics that help you measure real brand affinity

Metrics that help you measure real brand affinity

Measuring brand affinity is a bit of a head scratcher – it’s difficult to determine the tangible success of something that doesn’t involve ROI or figures. Determining a person’s emotional connection with your brand may seem like a bit of a guessing game, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few metrics (that you might already track) that can give you insight into how people perceive your brand. Whether you simply want to know if your brand is making a connection, or you are looking to increase your brand reach, measuring these metrics can help you achieve that.

Here are the metrics I suggest you look into, and how you can  analyse them to get the brand affinity information you want:

Amount of time prospects are actually engaged with your content

Page views really mean nothing if you can’t discern whether or not a lead engaged with your content. You want to measure whether your content is connecting with your audience. Instead of visits or page views, track data on prospects actively viewing one of your pages (not just have it open on their browser in the background) and any interaction on the page such as scrolling, clicking and downloading content. These engagement metrics indicate measurable interest in your brand and can assist in adapting and optimising your messaging according to the pages that evoke a connection with prospects.

Number of viewers that finish reading your pages

Again, a page view means diddly-squat if you have no idea how a viewer perceived the content. Measuring the average finish metric gives you an idea of how many people actually take the time to read through your content (or some part thereof). According to this post by Megalytic, finishers are tracked as visitors who scroll all the way to the bottom of your content. It also goes to point out that the finish metric isn’t a perfect measurement, because some people may just scroll past everything to find out what’s at the bottom of the page. It can, however, help you to ascertain to a certain degree whether your content is engaging and providing enough value for viewers to read an entire blog or article.

Viewers returning to your pages

If you really like something, you want more of it – kind of like a doughnut (which at League, is our staple food). You want your pages to be like doughnuts and be able to know if your prospective customers like the doughnuts you’re serving. Attracting someone to read one blog post isn’t enough, you want to start building a relationship with them by giving them these metaphorical doughnuts – aka value. Tracking return visitors can give you an idea of whether your content offering is working to attract return readers, or just getting a read from people here and there. Single visitors’ behaviour will also likely differ from that of return visitors, providing you with insight into what you can change for better retention. The frequency of return visits can strongly influence purchase intent, so ensure that you optimise your content to keep leads coming back for more.

Is your audience reciprocating your efforts?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to measure whether you brand is resonating with your audience is looking at your social media interactions – more specifically the type and level of interaction. Reading a blog because the topic interests you doesn’t necessarily show intent, but sharing that blog on your timeline does indicate brand affinity. Even better yet, getting a prospect to share and comment about your blog on social media means that you’ve  truly resonated with them. Pay special attention to the depth of interaction as opposed to a simple re-tweet or share. This will provide you with more valuable insight into how your brand is being perceived.   

It all comes down to quality

When you’re trying to measure brand affinity, steer clear of vanity metrics – they won’t tell you much. It all comes down to the quality of interaction with your brand. Where and how your audience interacts with your brand will provide you with a clearly defined metric to determine whether or not your brand is influencing buying decisions.

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