Video killed the internet: Video marketing strategy in 2019

Video killed the internet: Video marketing strategy in 2019

Technology is changing the way we consume information. While the internet reaches more than four billion people this year, traditional media – including newspapers and advertising – are being replaced by digital media, a medium that’s growing exponentially. And according to Google, video is set to become the biggest platform on the internet, making it crucial to have a good video marketing strategy.

Video to come into its own

Dayo Olopade of Google Africa said at the Menell Media Exchange 2018 in Johannesburg that 80% of global internet traffic will comprise video by 2019. What does this mean for how we consume our information, entertainment and advertising? Businesses that don’t have a video platform will be left behind.

Dynamic content online

Video brings a new dynamism to the internet in unexpected ways. It’s making its way on to web pages and social media posts in the form of cinemagraphs, which appeal to consumers with their novelty. More needs to be done to harness the energy of video. For example, restaurants can use this medium to entice customers with the all-important “vibe” of their establishment by representing it in cinemagraphs and video clips.

New kinds of conversations

Video makes new kinds of content/mediums available, including live streaming 360 and virtual reality. The popularity of SA’s own Suzelle DIY (more than 141 000 subscribers on YouTube and 13 900 followers on Twitter) shows that viewers want to have new kinds of conversations and consume content in different ways. Digital is answering a need for customer engagement and consumer empowerment. And we need to learn how to tell a new story and develop relationships using new media.

Video is occupying a unique new place on the Internet. If you think that the value of YouTube is limited to cat videos, consider that it is also the second-biggest search engine after Google (which owns it). People use it to get information, news, “how to” training videos and other cultural information accessing Ted Talks, vlogs and performances.

Online video marketing to boost SEO

These growing numbers of people engaging with video represent an opportunity for marketing because they have an impact on search engine results. According to estimates, using a video will increase your chance of getting a page one spot on Google 53 times. And it can boost traffic from organic listings by as much as 157%.

Digitalinformationworld says that mentioning the word “video” in the subject of an email increases the open rate by 19% while video on landing pages is capable of increasing conversions by 80%. It adds that 90% of customers say videos help them to make buying decisions, four times as many buyers prefer to watch a video about a product, and 64% of clients often buy a product online after watching a video about it.

We can help with your strategy

Video isn’t the only digital marketing strategy that we employ at League. We make use of more than one digital tactic, which you can take a closer look at in our >previous blog. We make suggestions based on our client’s needs. For example, we created videos for Avis Fleet Management company that’s shown on its home page which explain how its (highly technical) solutions work in an accessible way.

These videos work alongside the company’s blog posts, social posts, SEO, etc. We also recently started working with a new client in the UK. As part of our extensive research, we found that video is particularly dominant in this market and our strategy is to focus on six-second videos to capitalise on this.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you with your digital strategy.

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