What content marketing means to us

What content marketing means to us

Expanding your business's digital footprint can feel like an overwhelming task, but at its core, there needs to be a well thought out content strategy to drive all other digital programs. Even your smallest piece of content, for example, a social media post, is a vital piece of content. We chatted to the League Digital Content team about how content strategy and content marketing helps drive this process and how they feel it has changed over time.

  • What does content marketing entail?

    League Digital is a full-service agency, but since we want to be a strategic digital partner to our customers, we always ensure content elements form part of their strategy. We offer extensive content creation in many different formats including internal communications, blogging, training material, automated or behaviour marketing programs, website copy, ebooks, guides, advert copy and more. It's all about the strategy and what the client needs. Our writing team is unique, having skills in different areas, from online writing to journalism. We can write video scripts, websites, infographics and all forms of unique content.

  • When did you first start offering content marketing to your clients?

    We started as an inbound agency several years ago. We have always focused on content marketing and content strategy as a key element in our clients’ digital presence. We started a few first-time corporate blogs including Sage Pastel Accounting and Avis Fleet, so our content marketing and strategy offering is an established part of our business with many years of client and industry learning to reinforce what we deliver now.

  • How has your content marketing offering grown and evolved since then?

    When we started out as an inbound agency, content for our clients consisted mostly of blogs, social copy and eBook downloads. But simply ensuring strategic keywords are referenced on a client site to generate traffic is not enough. We now treat the content strategy as a key element in the digital evolution of a business that works with inbound marketing and other digital strategies.

  • Does your content marketing service cover digital only? If no, what other channels do you include in your content marketing projects?

    We write for digital first, but with the intent that all of our content could be used or adapted to offline. We create guides and online brochures that can be used on digital platforms or in print or as sales tools for a company's team.

  • In terms of digital content marketing, do you consider it to be only text-based content? Or does it include formats like video? Please elaborate on your answer.

    Content for the League team spans all forms of digital content that can be created. Blogs, emails, captions on a website, infographics, video, website animation, reports, and more. They are all considered part of our content matrix to help a client achieve their goals.

  • What is League Digital’s unique definition of content marketing?

    Each client has a unique digital path that they need to walk. Each business or product needs to be represented online in different ways aligning to your customer’s experience. Your content strategy will dictate how you communicate about the brand and products and in which formats or channels you engage. Our content marketing programs then take this strategic content and determine when it is used, how it is used and who you market it to. These are always done with the goal of driving a client's unique results. Success in content marketing is based on what the client wants to achieve - lead generation, brand awareness or thought leadership. To find out more about how we drive this process read our blog on diagnostic selling. In addition, read our eBook that explains in more detail why content marketing is important.

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