Which marketing automation platform is best for your campaign?

Which marketing automation platform is best for your campaign?

In the digital marketing realm there are so many tools at our disposal to help improve the way we convert leads into customers. Thanks to the advent of technology, we have access to an array of marketing automation solutions that take care of all of the menial and repetitive tasks associated with this process.

Deciding which solution to opt for however is an entirely different kettle of fish, so to speak. A quick Google search for “marketing automation” will leave you spoilt (and a little frazzled) for choice. How do you possibly know which solution is best for you? Some of us don’t have the time or financial resources to implement, test and analyse half of the solutions out there.

But, fear not! I’ve investigated many of the solutions on offer and want to share my suggestions to help you implement the marketing automation best suited to your specific needs.

It all comes down to choosing the solution that best caters to your exact requirements and any future requirements you might foresee in the future.

Instead of breaking up the options according to features and intended use, I thought it best to rather divide them into the intended target markets that vendors aim for. This gives you a better indication of where you fit in as a business and makes it easier to calculate associated costs.

You will also find plenty of “review” focused websites out there that could give you a list feature comparisons between specific vendors. This could also assist your decision making.

What it comes down to is that if you are looking at Marketing Automation software, there are certain non-negotiables. These will also weed out the pretenders (bulk email tools) from real marketing automation software.

Non-negotiable marketing automation features:

 * Site and Web visitor Tracking
 * Email Marketing (ability to send email)
 * Forms
 * Reporting

Nice to haves (also dependant on the reason why you need Automation Software):

 * Social Media Marketing
 * Lead Scoring
 * CRM (Lead management)
 * Landing Pages
 * Integration capabilities

The size of your business will also help determine the features you need to get the most out of your chosen marketing automation software.

Small businesses rarely need anything beyond the main requirements. You will primarily use this software to reach out to your potential customers, though it will also have the ability to track and capture their information.

Medium to larger enterprises will need tools like lead scoring and lead management which would require a more advanced setup.

Whatever automation solution you choose to implement, ensure that you are as clued up as possible on how to use it optimally. The more intune you are with your marketing automation, the better your chances of securing more and better quality leads.

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